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    a poem for my grandma


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    a poem for my grandma Empty a poem for my grandma

    Post  xox. on Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:47 pm

    her birthday is coming up. tell me what you think Smile
    A memory gives a tangible link
    to those before, and so we think
    How can we stake our place today
    It's what we do and how we say
    How much we love, how much we care
    Treat others nice, always play fair
    Share a coffee, lend an ear
    Listen closely to what we hear.
    Hold a hand of those who fall
    Grip it tightly, but most of all
    Count all the things money cannot buy
    You'll find yourself rich, and not ask why.
    Teach virtue by living
    Teach charity by giving
    A legacy which threads from end to beginning...
    Fond thoughts of friends, both old and new.
    A chance for revival, a bond that is true.
    A journey that's taken you through fantastic places
    And brought you right here with smiles on our faces.
    The sweetness is sweeter when paired with the tart
    And mountains with labyrinths are not easy to chart.
    But through all the valleys and highest of peak
    They say that just living is not for the weak
    So here's to a Nana who's made it this far
    A lifetime of adventures made you who you are
    Summers with sprinklers, winters with forts,
    Pink toenails, fine gardens, and cheeky retorts.
    Not one memory cuts it when I think of you
    I have more than one million three hundred and two.

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