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    Post  helma on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:54 am

    Ok so, many people know I like to draw and I'm in visual arts this semester of school. I had thought of a great idea for a collage we had to do off a previous 14 by 17 homework assignment and recently I got into the song Bad Apple by Touhou and I looked up the lyrics. I compiled the Kanji, Romanization and translated lyrics together, because I was going to use the Kanji in the background of my collage translating to: Even if I'm given words I'm at lost for, my heart is gone in the sky above. So I traced them all out and started filling in the stencil with ink. I'm really modest when it comes to drawing because I hate when people pass by and they walk by realllly slowly staring, so I had my folder hiding the characters I had already filled in and was working on the others. This girl walked by and was getting ink for her collage and then she went back saying to her friend, "why is everyone doing Japanese?"

    The thing is no one is doing Japanese. I mean no one in the class even thinks about incorporating the Asian languages in their artwork. Hardly anyone at my school does, but idk since I'm antisocial. So I was like wtfthisbitchbettershutthefuckup.

    I'm super sensitive about my artwork and if someone says something bad about it I instantly stop. So I stopped what I was doing after finishing up the last row and placed my folder on top of it (it smudged very badly). I decided I would quit because I felt "poseur-ish" and started working in the English translations.

    But I'm wondering, should I continue (even though it smudged) and don't give a damn what other people say about my artwork? Or should I just think of another idea, because right now I'm really behind...

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